About our pottery studio


About us

   We have a small pottery studio based in Blackpool England, where we make replacement ceramic / china ink well inserts & desk top stands. We use the traditional way of producing the items from earthenware clay then it is kiln fired to bisque ware, and then dipped glazed and fired again to produce a very well made inkpot . We make all our china inserts to the highest possible standard. Each inkpot is made by hand there is always going to be slight size variations. I work to a tolerance of just 1mm from the advertised size. I make 16 different sizes inserts in several colours and effects. We also make inkwells for school desks, they are all kept in stock most of the time. We are adding new sizes all the time please see my shop for up-to-date products.         


If you have this

If you have chipped, cracked, or missing Inkwell Liners.  


But Would Like This

Then we have 21 inkwell sizes in different colours & art effects for you to choose from handcrafted pottery